Garman Partners is an engaged search firm. Unlike a contingent staffing agency, we don’t just pluck someone from our pool of job seekers and collect a fee, leaving you to deal with the potential fallout.

Instead, your company and Garman are partners in the process. After we receive a nominal engagement fee to get started, we do a thorough analysis of your company and your needs. We research top candidates in your industry, then assess their suitability for your position. And once they’re on the job, we follow up to make sure the fit is right for your organization.

We can’t guarantee a time line: It might take us two weeks or a few months to find your next all-star—but that’s what he or she will be. We do guarantee we’ll introduce you to only the best candidates. And you won’t pay until we find a candidate that fits you perfectly.


Engaged employees are worth the effort.

Contingent staffing agencies offer you unengaged or transient candidates from an existing pool of talent. Typically, their candidates aren’t very engaged or committed to their careers and aren’t likely to stay long term in a new position, either.

Garman Partners doesn’t work like that.

We know that the best candidates are already engaged and successful at their current jobs—and they love what they do. We find candidates who don’t even know they might be interested in a different job and introduce them to opportunities.


A three-part partnership for your success.

Garman Partners puts our proven processes to work for you. We meld our methods with your company’s structure to make sure the candidate search works the way you need it to. Add to that our talent consulting mindset that proactively adds value to the processes.


Define your company, your team, and the position.

We start with a cultural assessment of your company, interviewing executives and employees to learn who excels at your organization and why. From there, we’ll do DISC assessments on existing employees to build a team dynamic profile. Finally, we’ll hone in on the skill set needed for the job. These factors come together to create into a robust job description unlike other firms compile.


Find the perfect fit.

Finding the right person takes time—but it’s the key to long-term employment success. Our candidate searches follow a thorough process.

1. Long List – We comb our network to find potential candidates and look into organizations with similar types of roles to see if there are professionals we should be talking to. From this, we put together an extensive list of candidates who might be a fit.

2. Short List – We refine the list and zero in on a targeted group of people who could do your job well. We then screen each candidate on the phone.

3. Final Review – We have the top candidates complete character and personality assessments to be sure they are a good fit for what you need. We then invite the top candidates out for dinner or a cocktail for final screening in a more informal setting.

4. Interview Process – If you’d like, we can help your company interview the candidates so you’re confident you’re asking the right questions and getting the answers you need.

5. Offer –We “trial close” your top candidate in advance, and give you guidance on salary requirements, plus any other contingencies. This reduces the chance for surprises at this stage of the process.

Our search continues until you are 100% confident we’ve found the right person for the job.


Ensuring a successful transition.

There’s a reason 97% of our placements remain on the job for a year or more.

Garman Partners offers a 10-point, 100-day onboarding process that includes phone calls, emails, and in-person meetings with your new employee. We help manage expectations and communication between the new hire and your company.

The post-hire contact is a critical step in the successful transition for both you and your employee—and our results speak for themselves.