Engaged Search Five-Phase Process

Our unique, tried-and-true process ensures you end up with a perfect-fit candidate without all the work of searching, sifting, qualifying, and interviewing. We’re people experts who partner with you to solve your business problems with the right person for the job.


Define your company, your team, and the position.

We start with a cultural assessment of your company, interviewing executives and employees to learn who excels at your organization and why. From there, we’ll perform assessments with existing employees to build a team dynamic profile. Finally, we’ll identify the skill set needed for the job. These factors come together to create a robust job description designed to attract someone who’s a perfect fit.


Prepare for a successful search.

Our expert search team reviews the search in depth to strategize how best to find the perfect candidate for your company. We review the competitive marketplace and determine where we are going to cast our nets to build our initial “long list” of potential candidates. We find this to be a critical search step, too often overlooked by other search firms. We produce a finalized search document for you to review and approve before we kick off the search.


Discover the right candidates for your position.

Finding the right person takes time—but it’s the key to long-term employment success. We handle the heavy lifting of the search so you can focus on your business instead, and our core focus is to find someone whose values and motivations match your company’s.

  1. Long List – We comb our network and dig throughout your industry to find high-performing candidates – often people who aren’t even actively seeking a new role. From this, we put together an extensive list of candidates who might be a fit.
  2. Short List – We refine the list and zero in on a targeted group of people who could do your job well. We then screen each candidate on the phone.
  3. Final Review – We have the best candidates complete character and personality assessments to be sure they are a good fit for what you need. We then invite the top candidates out for dinner or a cocktail for final screening in a more informal setting. You’ll receive an in-depth profile discussing each candidate’s values, motivators, character traits, assessment results, reference data and our recommendations of strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Interview Process – We help your company interview the candidates as needed so you’re confident you’re asking the right questions and getting the answers you need. We can help you weigh the pros and cons of each candidate and determine who will be the best long-term fit for your business.


Find the right compensation for the right candidate.

Once you’ve selected the candidate who’s a perfect fit, we handle the often-awkward negotiation process for you so your relationship with your new hire stays positive. As we do, we work to deliver on  our No-Surprises Guarantee. That means that we talk through every angle with the candidate and ensure that they won’t accept a counteroffer. This lets you both know that you’re serious about the relationship and keeps the excitement and anticipation for the position high.


Ensure a smooth transition.

In a traditional hiring situation, a new hire sometimes doesn’t work out after all, it’s typically because of lack of communication or mismanaged expectations. To combat this, we developed 10 critical checkpoints with our clients and candidates in the first 100 days to make sure things are going off without a hitch.  Our process has provided a 95%+ 1-year stay rate, versus a contingent firm industry average of approximately 73%.

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