Why We Exist

Steve Garman, the President of Garman Partners started out of college in the world of contingent search, then moved on to be a Director at Fortune 500 firm developing and leading an Internal Executive Search Firm. He noticed a disconnect between search firms and companies – neither side really understood the other, and they almost always seemed at odds. Contingent firms had become paper slingers and hustlers. They had lost the trust of companies.

Garman Partners was started to blow up this model of customer – vendor – candidate. Instead, we deliver a retained search model and results on a contingent search budget. It’s flexible, works with our clients’ processes, is honest and transparent, and produces superior results.

One search and consulting agreement at a time, Garman Partners strives to provide a proven ROI, be brutally honest, and be a partner rather than a vendor. “Partners” in Garman Partners isn’t a noun – it’s verb.

Who is Garman Partners?

We are a company of people, just like yours. We know that our people are ultimately our only competitive advantage. We ask our clients to work to define their best people as a model for new talent, so we’ve done the same.

Our Core Focus

Solve real problems by delivering real value. We build successful businesses by delivering better talent and better talent tools.

Core Values


  Glass half-fullers

  Action takers

  Problem solvers


  Results focused

  ROI minded

  Real people


  Hungry to learn


  Exceed Client Expectations

  Take Initiatives with a   Willingness to Fail & Learn

  Act for the Greater Good