Millennials in the Workforce | Mike Zani & Vance Fletcher

Vance Fletcher headed to Boston to become PI Certified and interview The Predictive Index CEO Mike Zani. Vance and Mike touch on the aspects of working with millennials in the workplace, how you can leverage PI with millennials, and the importance of utilizing a behavioral assessment in the hiring [...]

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How to Avoid a Counteroffer Surprise from Your Candidate

For a hiring company engaged in an executive search, a candidate’s counteroffer can be like getting 26 miles into a marathon and being told to go back to the starting line. All that time and energy you put into searching, interviewing and negotiating – and now you have to do [...]

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7 Reasons It’s Smart to Engage With a Search Consultant

When I get on the phone with a candidate, it can be a bit awkward at first. They’re busy focusing on their job, helping their current company succeed, and then here I come, talking to them about another position somewhere else. I catch a lot of people off guard, [...]

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Search for Employees With Core Values in Mind

You need to know what your companies core values are. Simply knowing what they are isn't enough though. Once you have your values defined you have to use them to guide hiring and firing decisions along with your daily decision making. Having the right traits is a must for [...]

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Your Top Salesperson is Quitting, and I Know Why.

Why do you think top salespeople quit? I know why. At least I know the number one reason cited by the top tech salespeople we work with on new roles - and it's not money. Everyday we talk to dozens of top tech salespeople and sales engineers [...]

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You’re lazy. Why did I hire you? Keep up the good work!

This month, we changed our viewpoint. We’ve been focused heavily on why so many salespeople change jobs or are at best disengaged from their roles. Now, we’ve gone to our client base and senior level candidates (SVP Sales, RVP Sales and Sales Directors) to discuss their sales teams. More specifically, [...]

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