What’s The Difference Between Engaged Search and Contingent Search?

Contingent search is a lot more work for you.

Finding a new team member can be costly and time-consuming while you search, interview and negotiate with candidates. It’s risky too — what if you get through the whole process and the candidate takes a counteroffer from their current company?

Engaged search is a different approach to executive search.

Engaged search is based on your company, your needs and your culture and it takes all the headaches out of executive search.

We get to know you and your business, what you need, and what your values are. We search high and low for just the right potential candidates and then carefully identify the one who’s going to be right for your business. We handle negotiation and even guarantee they won’t accept a counteroffer. Plus we ensure a smooth transition with a 100-day onboarding program.

Looking for your next executive or niche employee?

Let us help you find a candidate who’s a perfect fit for your business.