It’s easy to find a person to fill a position. It’s a lot harder to find the right person.

Know what you’re looking for? Garman Partners starts our process by finding out about your company and what you need. We shape your company’s story to appeal to the top candidates. We comb our network and actively target your competitors to find the best-of-the-best. Then we share your company’s story with the top 100+ candidates in the market.

But what if your situation isn’t so clean-cut? You may have a staffing problem but don’t know the best way to fix it. You may need to upgrade or shift talent internally. Or maybe you just have a short-term need. Garman takes the pulse of your team to help you determine who is engaged and who isn’t. We can help your internal team move forward—or we can run with it and find a solution.

Through our proven process, we bring the talent to you—and they’ll fit right in.


More than 70% of employers think their salespeople leave for more money or to go to a company that has a product that’s easier to sell. We surveyed the top salespeople in our market—and their actual reasons for quitting were a real eye-opener. And there’s an easy change you can make to fix the problem!

97% of our candidate placements stay in their position for more than 1 year.